Electric Pet Flea Lice Cleaner Comb

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The Electronic Flea Remover is a comb for fleas that works on revolutionary new principles and using innovations and technologies to get rid of fleas or ticks. It can be used to treat a flea infestation and ensure that your pet is free of these little parasites.

  • With it, removing fleas is a flawlessly stress-free procedure, thus ensuring that your pet will cooperate with it completely.
  • Easy, Effective, and Chemical-Free
    Regular flea collars, shampoos, and baths use chemicals that can be harmful or irritating to your pet. Our Electronic Flea Comb uses an electric charge to kill and remove fleas without toxic chemicals. 
  • Comfortable Electric Charge
  • Our Flea Comb uses an electric charge to find, zap, and remove fleas and their eggs from your pet’s coat, which is safe and comfortable for your furry loved ones

  • Effectively Stops Flea Infestations
  • Just two fleas can quickly reproduce and take over your home! Electronic Flea Comb helps to eliminate fleas and their eggs at the source to end and prevent future infestations.

  • Perfect for Dogs and Cats
  • Our Flea Comb effectively reaches deep in your pet's coat, finds fleas, kills and stuns them, removes fleas from cats and dogs of nearly all breeds, ages, and coat lengths.

  • Keep Your Pet Safe, Happy, and Healthy
  • Fleas, itching, and biting can cause your pet discomfort and pain. Our Pet Flea Comb gets rid of fleas with easy grooming, it does not use harsh chemicals and does not endanger the health of your pet, keeping them safe, healthy, and happy!