Interactive Suction Cup Dog Chew Toy

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Keep Your Dog Busy at Home for Hours!

This suction cup dog toy is going to keep your dog busy for hours! 

Just stick the suction cup to any flat surface and watch your dog play with the bouncy ball for hours, just like tug-of-war.

Your dog will LOVE our Tug Toy!

Designed with you in mind, our toy is perfect for busy pet owners. Use anywhere around the house, simply find a clean flat surface, push the suction cup on, and enjoy watching your dog tug and play. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Cleans teeth effectively
  • Improves intelligence and vitality
  • Strong suction potential
  • Durable

Most dogs, especially puppies love having something to bite. This means chewed up papers, furniture, and even painful ankle-bites. Our Pet Chew Ball satisfies their need to bite and teaches them what is alright for them to bite and what is not, preventing them from chewing up your priceless furniture while training their agility at the same time.

Easy To Set Up 


Featuring a strong suction base and a thick, braided rope, that was built to withstand any amount of tension caused due to stretching. The toy does not snap or come off no matter how hard your dog tugs at it and can handle even aggressive chewers. It gives your dog hours of fun as he/she tries to figure out what this mysterious, super-strong toy is.


Aside from that, the rugged pattern on the rubber ball provides a better grip and chewing on it promotes dental hygiene and health in dogs. Add some dog-friendly toothpaste to clean your dogs’ teeth as they are playing.

There are two convenient ways you can fill our Pet Chew Ball up with your dog's favorite treat! You can either fill it up horizontally or vertically to prevent any mess from occurring!