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Neurogan, Inc. - CBD Pet Treat - Full Spectrum Dog Treats - 10mg-20mg

CBD Milligrams:

If you are a pet owner, you have probably noticed how dedicated your dog becomes to completing tasks when a treat is being offered as a reward. Dog loves treats, whether they be meaty snacks or cookies donning their favorite flavors. The treat tells them that they are doing a good job listening to you, offering some relief to the dog. Neurogan, Inc.’s CBD Dog Treats offer a treat that will let your furry friend know that it has done exactly what you wanted and deserves to be celebrated for it. Each bag contains 30 treats, with each treat containing 10mg of full spectrum CBD. Reward your dog for all its hard work with this tasty treat that will undoubtedly please the taste buds. This product is designed with dogs that have existing physical ailments in mind. Your dog feels the effects of time in many of the same ways that you do. As time passes, their joints and muscles begin to wear down and normal daily events become much more difficult for them. Additionally, the stress that comes with learning tricks and trying to understand other commands by you can wear them down. Doggy anxiety is very real and can have physical effects on your pet. This CBD treat will provide tasty encouragement for your dog, reducing its uncomfortability. Organic peanut butter and applesauce are combined with the CBD to give the treat a flavor that will better appeal to most dogs. There are no requirements for using this product. Treat it as you would any other dog treat, and supply your dog with as many as them as you deem fit. Recommended use of the treat is during the process of teaching your dog a particularly difficult trick. However, there is no reason not to give your dog a treat for the simple things, too.

Lab Reports

Neurogan, Inc. - CBD Pet Treat - Full Spectrum Dog Treats - 20mg 60 Count Lab Report
Neurogan, Inc. - CBD Pet Treat - Full Spectrum Dog Treats - 10mg 30 Count Lab Report
Neurogan, Inc. - CBD Pet Treat - Full Spectrum Dog Treats - 10mg 60 Count Lab Report

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We are confident. 100% Money Back Guaranteed if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

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